Team Cyborg

Why did the project come about? What makes us experts?

Our Master Program »Strategic Design« combines our three disciplines (product, visual and interaction design) with management and research. One of the focal points of our university is Human-Centered Design. In the last few semesters we have focused on future trends, mega shifts and social developments. Our topic emerged from the observation that machines become more and more human and become more machines.

Meet Anna!

Anna is an interaction and strategic designer with a focus on concept development, experience, interface and motion design. Fascinated by thoughts about future developments in the field of cyborgisation, she believes that designers can be a driving force for a self-determined future. By bringing future scenarios into the present, design makes them accessible for everybody.


Meet Josy!

Josephine is a 27-year old freelance designer based in Berlin. Her focus is illustration and graphic design. She studied product design BA and strategic design MA at The University of Applied Sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd.


Meet Lea!

Lea Suela Schwegler is a Communication Designer and Design Strategist. Her work focusses on social and ecological requirements. With a foresight mindset, she aims using her unique problem-solving skills to design meaningful concepts and drive social change.